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The Official Journal of the National Emergency Nurses Affiliation Inc.

National Emergency Nurses Affiliation contact information
Website: www.nena.ca
Editor: Matt Douma

The Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing is published biannually and distributed to all members of the National Emergency Nurses Affiliation Inc.


Includes approximately 1,200 nursing professionals, members of the NENA throughout Canada. Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing readers maintain a vast scope of practice to deal with a very diverse patient population in a hospital emergency department setting.


Includes original material on topics of interest to emergency nurses, articles relating to clinical practice, research, education, and administration, and feature columns covering forensics, pediatrics, and trauma care.

Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing advertising information

Advertising Information for 2020


The Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing/Journal Canadien des infirmières d’urgence is a biannual publication distributed to more than 1,000 members of the National Emergency Nurses Association (NENA) throughout Canada.

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Publication dates

Spring 2020
Confirmation: March 1
Art submission: March 15
Publication: April

Fall 2020
Confirmation: October 1
Art submission: October 15
Publication: November

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The official website of the National Emergency Nurses’ Association Inc. provides users with information about emergency nursing as a specialty. It includes association, membership and education news, events and information. The website received more than 40,000 unique views in 2018.

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One-time email blast to NENA members disbursement fee: $895

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